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Payment methods

Global online payments

United States

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Bank of America

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Community Federal Savings Bank

  • Due to US transactional policies and regulations, our bank accounts in New York, South Carolina and California only accept payments from companies, if you are a natural person please use our available global payment methods. For more information you can contact the local support email [email protected]


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United Kingdom

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Barclays Bank

  • In accordance with the legal regulations for Bangluxor in Europe, payments to this account will only be accepted from other business bank accounts. Payments from personal or freelance accounts will not be accepted due to legal requirements, and these will be refunded 24 hours after the validation process is completed.


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Banco de Bogotá

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Digital Commerce Bank

Global payments

  • Please be advised that, henceforth, all payments made through PayPal will be subject to an additional fee of 7% due to transactional commissions associated with the use of PayPal. We appreciate your understanding and are at your disposal for any questions or further clarifications you may need regarding this fee.