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Alexandra Pizzorni created Ciao Meraviglia with the beginnings of sunspots that just didn't seem to want to leave her face.

For four years, she tried everything, gaining valuable experience on her own skin.

At first, she was determined to find a solution, but then she became fascinated and began to study the subject. After years, she "miraculously" found a remedy that opened up a world that seemed to be full of magic, but in reality was pure science.



About this project

Our team was in charge of web design and ecommerce services. We created an attractive and functional web design that reflected the charming essence of Ciao Meraviglia and offered an optimized user experience. In addition, we implemented a customized E-commerce system that allowed customers to securely and conveniently shop, explore and purchase the brand's products.

We combine knowledge, creativity and technology to align with culture and connect with people.

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