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Curtiembre San Lorenzo is a company from Tarija, pioneer in the leather tanning and footwear production. It was founded on February 11, 1989 by Mr. Aníbal Segovia Castillo and his wife Mirian Flores Castro.

Since its founding, Curtiembre San Lorenzo has worked with the environment in mind, becoming a model company in Cleaner Production, achieving this by participating in an article published in the "Cleaner Production" Technical Guide for tanneries, which was prepared by the National Chamber of Industry and Center for the Promotion of Sustainable Technologies (CPTS) and published in February 2003.



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We created a comprehensive digital experience for Curtiembre San Lorenzo, a renowned leather brand. Our team was in charge of developing a modern and attractive web design, optimized to provide a smooth navigation and a stunning presentation of the products. In addition, we implemented a customized e-commerce system that allowed customers to make purchases securely and comfortably from anywhere. To maximize brand visibility, we also created a unique design for their social media profiles, generating engaging and strategic content to increase interaction with followers and attract new customers. The end result was a solid and consistent online presence that boosted Curtiembre San Lorenzo's visibility and sales in the digital environment.

We combine knowledge, creativity and technology to align with culture and connect with people.

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