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The firm Lumaroh Abogados S.A.S. is constituted with the clear premise and philosophy of generating confidence in its clients through the provision of legal services of high standards. Our organization understands the problem that represents for individuals and companies the lack of advice or support in the execution of their negotiations, therefore, the firm is led by a team of professionals ready to attend in a diligent and specialized manner all the matters that our clients entrust us.



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We carried out a complete project for Lumaroh Law Firm, where we provided web design, branding and UX research services. We started by developing a professional and attractive website, tailored to provide an optimal user experience and highlight Lumaroh's legal services. In addition, we were tasked with developing a strong and cohesive visual identity for the firm, creating a distinctive logo and selecting a color palette that conveyed professionalism and confidence. To ensure that the web design met the expectations and needs of users, we conducted extensive user experience research (UX research).

We combine knowledge, creativity and technology to align with culture and connect with people.



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