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They are human capital committed to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency from a financial point of view. They are concerned that our clients' investments reflect environmental and economic benefits that improve the financial flows of their companies.

They manage renewable energy and energy efficiency projects from their conception, through the economic viability of the project, the start-up and professional technical support throughout the life of the projects.



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We developed a comprehensive project for Sonnecol, a leading brand in sun care products. Our team focused on two key aspects: web design and branding. We created a modern and functional website, adapted to offer an optimal user experience and highlight Sonnecol's products in an attractive way. In addition, we worked on the branding of the brand, developing a coherent and distinctive visual identity that reflected the company's values. We designed a unique logo, selected a vibrant color palette and developed consistent visual elements across all brand touch points. The end result was an impactful website and a strong brand image that helped Sonnecol stand out in the marketplace and effectively connect with its audience.

We combine knowledge, creativity and technology to align with culture and connect with people.

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The work we create at Bangluxor is born at the intersection of exclusivity and innovation, positioning brands through the values and ideas of tomorrow.