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The work we create at Bangluxor is born at the intersection of exclusivity and innovation, positioning brands through the values and ideas of tomorrow.

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ux web design

We identify and create digital products and services that create online courses, calculators, hotel and real estate systems that help brands thrive in the new economy.



Branding / creación de marca

The branding service creates a unique and coherent brand identity, including logo design, colors, typography and visual elements, to convey the values and personality of the company, differentiate it from the competition and generate an emotional connection with customers.



Layout and editorial design

The editorial layout service is responsible for organizing and designing the content of printed or digital publications, such as magazines, books and brochures, to ensure a visually appealing, legible and coherent presentation, with the objective of enhancing the reading experience and effectively communicating information.



Video and 3D Animation

The 3D video and animation service creates audiovisual content with three-dimensional effects and digital animations to present products, tell stories or explain concepts in a visually stunning and captivating way, adding a level of realism and creativity to productions.



Digital marketing and advertisements

The digital marketing and advertising service is responsible for developing online advertising strategies to promote brands, products or services. It uses digital channels such as social networks, search engines and advertising platforms to reach the target audience, increase visibility and generate conversions and sales.



implementation of artificial intelligence (AI)

The artificial intelligence (AI) implementation service applies advanced technologies to automate processes, analyze data and make decisions based on intelligent algorithms, improving the efficiency, accuracy and learning capacity of systems, thus optimizing operations and offering innovative solutions in different industries.



user experience

The user experience service focuses on designing intuitive and pleasant interactions and interfaces for users, with the objective of improving their satisfaction, usability and efficiency when interacting with digital products or services, ensuring a smooth and positive experience at all points of contact.



Desarrollo web

The web development service is responsible for creating and building functional and customized websites, using programming languages, frameworks and technological tools, to ensure an effective and attractive online presence tailored to the specific needs of each client.

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