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Brandings and rebrandings to accompany your business.

The work in Branding design that we create in Bangluxor is born in the intersection of exclusivity and innovation positioning brands through values and ideas of tomorrow.




Our logo design service creates powerful and memorable visual identities for your brand.




Our brand manual design service provides you with the essential guidelines to maintain a consistent visual identity. We define your colors, fonts, logos and graphic elements, ensuring that your brand is communicated consistently.

Diseño de logo y marca

"If you are not unique no one is going to recognize you, your brand is crucial."

Welcome to the wonderful digital world, if you are looking for an internet project such as a website, an interactive application, an ecommerce or any kind of idea, you are in the right place. Bangluxor has an interdisciplinary team of experts in digital business, UX, UI, design and web development.

Brand analysis

Exhaustive evaluation of the existing brand, its positioning, values and current perception.

Market research

In-depth research on target audiences, competitors and market trends to better understand the brand environment.

Brand strategy definition

Development of a clear and solid strategy that establishes the brand's direction and objectives, including the value proposition and key attributes.

Creation of the brand message

Development of a consistent brand voice and tone, as well as a core message that effectively communicates brand values and benefits.

Visual identity design

Creation of a distinctive visual identity that includes the logo, color palette, typography and graphic elements that reflect the brand's personality.

Development of brand elements

Creation of consistent branding materials and assets, such as business cards, stationery, email templates and social media visuals.

Implementation and brand management

Consistent application of brand identity across all touch points, both online and offline. Establishment of guidelines and monitoring to ensure compliance with the visual identity.

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A strong, well-designed brand can make the difference between going unnoticed and becoming a leader in your industry. We know your company has unique value and a story to tell, and our team of design experts is here to help you convey that story in an impactful and memorable way.