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Commercial video, advertising, 3d animation and character creation

The work in video and 3D animation that we create in Bangluxor is born in the intersection of exclusivity and innovation positioning brands through values and ideas of tomorrow.



Promotional videos and commercials

Creación de videos animados para promocionar y comercializar productos, servicios o eventos de manera visualmente atractiva y efectiva.

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3d character animation

3D character development and character animation to tell stories, convey emotions and create captivating narratives.



Explanatory videos

Creation of videos to explain complex concepts, corporate presentations, technical processes or products in a clear and easy to understand way.

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Having an animated video presentation can provide a number of significant benefits

Animated presentation videos are eye-catching and visually appealing. They can capture viewers’ attention and keep them engaged from the start. Creative animations, attractive graphics and visual effects can make your presentation stand out and be more memorable.

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Animated videos are more effective in retaining information compared to other formats. The combination of visual and auditory elements facilitates the retention and comprehension of the information presented.